Orange County Register

State cuts water allocation to zero – a first, 1/31/2014
Political newcomer hones pitch, eyes gubernatorial run, 1/18/2014
State legislators granted pay hike; some balk, 11/29/2013

Associated Press

California recycling law lacks oversight, 10/30/2013
Controversy over public records changes illustrates overstuffed bills passed before deadlines, 6/21/2013
Governor, lawmakers agree to reverse bill that could have restricted public access to records, 6/20/2013
Calif. Democrats seek to expand small-donor network, counter out-of-state campaign donations, 4/13/2013

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

State government
Pa. lawmaker collecting funds for imprisoned predecessor, 12/5/2012
Are tax breaks effective for reeling in big business?, 6/17/2012
Gov. Corbett adds pension reform to budget agenda, 5/21/2012
Western region stands to lose clout in Pa. redistricting, 8/18/2011
Gov. Corbett signs first budget, 7/1/2011

Marcellus Shale gas drilling
Pittsburgh inspired Colo. town’s fracking ban, 12/9/2012
Pa. court upsets Marcellus Shale zoning law, 7/27/2012
Towns prepare for Marcellus impact fees, 6/3/2012
Corbett made pass to oil execs with Steelers, 3/16/2012
Shale bill heads to governor, 2/9/2012

DeWeese goes home after being sentenced, 4/25/2012
Governor’s candidate for Senate gets state GOP nod, 1/29/2012
Santorum’s months of tenacious campaigning pay off, 1/4/2012
Christian conservative voters still appear flexible, 1/2/2012

Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal
Penn State trustees hear torrent of criticism from public, 9/15/2012
Penn State football program’s fate unknown, 7/18/2012
Penn State trustees stand behind acting leader, vow investigation, 11/12/2011
Child abuse scandal claims jobs of university president, legendary coach, 11/10/2011

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